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    Flourless Chocolate Cake, Creme brulee

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    Apple Bread Pudding, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Creme brulee


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The Best Cuisines In The World

Food is the one thing that can win me over anything. Food is indeed one of the best things in our lives, and that is okay. We, humans, have made sure that we use our talents in order to successfully mix certain ingredients and make it unbelievably delicious. And also, I love to write about food and drink because I honestly enjoy it. What does someone do when they want to celebrate something in life? They go out to a nice restaurant to eat. Food indeed plays a significant role in our lives, and that is okay because as long as what you are consuming is healthy. In this guide, I will talk about some of the best cuisines in the world and also some of their most famous dishes. This list does not have a hierarchy indeed, but all of them certainly deserve a spot up here.

–    The United States indeed invented the cheeseburger, and it is one of the most loved food items in the world. The iconic combination of a burger and fries also originated here. The Chocolate chip cookie also originated here, and it is an American classic.

–    Mexican food is also really tasty when you eat it at a traditional Mexican restaurant or in places where you get good Mexican street food. They have been accredited for inventing the world-famous taco and also the much-loved burrito. They also make really yummy tostadas.

–    Indian food also proves to be one of the favorite foods in the world as they came up with Rotis with dhal and curries. They also make some of the best and tastiest curries on the planet. These curries have proven to be delicious combinations of vegetable, and it is also not a proper list if we don’t talk about cottage cheese and how Indians use them in their dishes. Paneer, as they call it, cottage cheese is used in some of the best and tastiest ways in traditional Indian dishes. They also have invented so many ways to cook cottage cheese and make it mouth-wateringly delicious.

–    A list about the best cuisines is indeed incomplete if we do not mention Italian food. The Italians are responsible for making the BEST food in the world, the pizza. This topic has indeed been argued and debated with, and thousands of people were given a choice, and 80% chose pizza as their favorite food. Coming in second would be world-famous and also multiple forms of pasta. There are also so many types of pasta, like fettuccini, penne, spaghetti, etc. Most of these are loved by almost everyone in the world who has tried Italian cuisine.

What a bar needs

The bar is an important part of a restaurant and helps in increasing the profits by a huge scale. Restaurant bars can differ from each other completely in terms of ambiance and the menu. It can be just a small corner bar in a restaurant or a proper bar & restaurant themed ambiance where you can enjoy all kinds of drinks on your dinner table. However, if your restaurant is missing a bar, you should get one as it will attract more customers than what you normally get in your restaurant. Liquor is one thing which will never go out of demand, and your tables will always be filled if you have the right things in your bar. Here is a list of the things your restaurant bar will need.


Well, of course, your bar will need liquor which is affordable to all kinds of customers. The liquor comes in three distinct qualities which you need to make sure is in stock.

The most abundant liquor should be the cheap one which should be in one hand reach to the bartender. This is for the customers who do not care about the brand name and just want to have a good time.

Call liquor is the one which is ordered by customers by name. It should be right behind the bartender when a customer calls for it.

Top-of-Shelf liquor will be your most expensive collection which will be ordered by celebrators. They may order by asking for your finest, or a bottle of the most expensive. This is the time you reach the top of the shelf and serve them from this collection.

Beer and Wine are the two things which should be available at all corners of the bar all the time. It is the basics of opening a bar to have beer and wine in bottles and glasses served chilled and fresh.

Find out your customer demand

You will need to consider what your customers usually offer and what liquor is being sold the most. The quality and amount of the liquor will depend on its need. If it is in huge demand and the quantity is less, the prices will go high. You can consider having a good stock of cheap liquor which gets sold out quicker than having bottles and bottles of expensive drinks at you shelf catching dust.


Glasses should be in abundance and in all shapes and sizes. You should never run out of glasses that your bartender has to clean the used ones in front of the customers to use them. Always keep 5-10 times more glasses than your customers. You will also be getting glasses as a compliment from the beer and liquor companies for selling their products, but you will need to make an investment of your own too.

AC and Fridge

You need a comfortable environment in your bar while your beers are always chilled. You will need energy-efficient appliances in your bar. Have a system of serving beer from the tap which is connected to a cooler to store your beer. You will also need a soda gun for quick-serve to customers.

Qualities Of A Good Restaurant

Dining out has never been so good. Nowadays, restaurants have completely stepped up their game, and they have become fantastic at what they do. They have good waiters and even better food which they are indeed really proud of. Dining out indeed presents a perfect opportunity if you want to unwind and also relax a good meal with your loved ones with some really good ambience and even better food and service. When you are out, there are indeed many things that you would look for in a restaurant that would make you recommend it to other people and also make you want to return to that place for some more of their fantastic dishes. By following some of the qualities and some characteristics will distinguish a great restaurant from a decent one.

As promised, here are some qualities that you should look for in a restaurant that has caught your attention.

–    You should see if they serve high-quality food. When you walk through the doors of the restaurant, you would certainly be expecting a good meal. A good restaurant would not actually compromise on the quality of the food for anything else. A good restaurant would actually set the standard for other restaurants and make sure that they do everything so that the customer is satisfied. Tasty food and also cleanliness earns restaurants a good name.

–    A highly experienced chef is an important cog in the machine that is a restaurant. With it, the machine would simply stop working and would fail hilariously. A chef is actually the leader who would lead the restaurant out of all kinds of stormy and turbulent situations because an experienced chef would have literally gone through all kinds of situations in a restaurant. The head chef will undoubtedly need good assistant chefs that will follow his/her command no matter what.

–    The dining experience is also the next important thing because the ambience is the second thing that would make you love a restaurant even more (first would be the food).

–    The restaurant must be clean and must be sanitized and made sure that there are no creatures and pests as well. It is indeed devastating if an insect or rodent is found in a restaurant because it would easily make it go through hardships because if an inspector knows about that, the restaurant would even be closed or suspended until it meets the health requirements.

–    If the restaurant has something unique to offer, people will indeed love it a lot. The food should make them fall in love with the place because of its unique and flavorful qualities that would seem amazingly tasty in the mouth.


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